Mallorca, Spain

The world offers a wide variety of cycling destinations but few offer the same variety that Mallorca, Spain boasts.  The Spanish island of Mallorca is located in the Mediterranean between mainland Spain and Algeria.  Mallorca is a huge travel destination for European beach holidays so it has a very busy airport with many flights from mainland Europe. Fortunately the majority of visitors to Mallorca spend the majority of their time in Palma the islands largest city.  The countryside has remained very desolate and offers an extensive network of cycling routes through wine country, the mountains and the coast.  The Cycling House has been fortunate to call Mallorca, Spain home for the past 4 years! 


The Cycling House Mallorca

Our camps in Mallorca offer a perfect blend of training and a taste of Spanish culture and cuisine.  Our one week camps covers the majority of the island and hits the most popular rides including; Sa Calobra, Cap de Formentor, the West Coastal ride and the interior wine country.  Here is a small taste of the cycling that Mallorca has to offer.

Sa Calobra~ 50+ miles/6,000 feet of climbing


Cap de Formentor~ 75 miles/4,500 feet of climbing


West Coast Ride~ 70+miles/6,000 feet of climbing


Wine Country Ride~ 65 miles/ 3,000 feet of climbing




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