The Racers’ Roost Wildflower 2013

Everyone has a bucket list and if you are a triathlete Wildflower triathlons should be at the top of that bucket list!  Earlier this month we hosted our second ever Racers’ Roost camp at Lake San Antonio, California.  Wildflower triathlon is well know as the, “Woodstock” of triathlon and accomodations are limited to camping or staying at a hotel 1 hour away from the race site.  Our plan was to offer a hands free camping package and have racers stay in a motorhome, have a professional chef, a professional guide and a really good time! We made the racing process very easy including airport pickup and drop off.


Wildflower 2013 camp with The Racers’ Roost

Chef Drew and I were the staff for the event and we locked down a great campsite with all the amentites.  We had a nice small crew for our inaugeral event and it was an incredibly smooth process.  Our services included; airport pickup/drop-off, bicycle builds, bedding & linens, professional chef & food, professional triathlete, VIP access, Hammer Nutrition products, Compex Electrical Muscle Stimulators, and your own personal cheering squad among many of other things.  The client testimonials tell everything for this one.

Just a typical Racers' Roost camp meal.

Just a typical Racers’ Roost camp meal.

“The wildflower triathlon series is truly a bucket list event.  For me, a Chicagoan, the logistics of fully embracing all that is Wildflower, could not have happened if it were not for the pro services The Cycling House offered.  I literally flew in and was whisked away like a pro.  Following my arrival at the camp site, I did not have to life a finger except to grasp a beer the entire weekend thanks to Drew and Brendan and the pro services offered here.  Had it not been for the experience and the services offered by the cycling house, I may never have been able to cross this race off my bucket list . Thanks guys for the race weekend of a lifetime! “

-Scott Johnson; Chicago, Illinois

Professional race start Wildflower 2013

Professional race start Wildflower 2013

“TCH and the Racers’ Roost made magic happen at Wildflower!   Whether you are a repeat Wildflower participant or it’s your first Wildflower experience, whether you are an experienced triathlete or  new to the sport  – let TCH take care of the logistics while you take in the Wildflower experience.  If you enjoy triathlon – Wildflower is an event you MUST attend during your Triathlon career.      Our meals by Drew were the envy of the campground , and instead of doing camp chores  – imagine yourself stretching, using Compex, napping, visiting with friends and easing into arriving at the start line.   The TCH staff and campers will become your Wildflower family and you will be sad to say “so long” at the end of the weekend.   Lifelong memories are made at Wildflower with TCH.      The support is abundant and extraordinary from Brendan’s coaching and tips about the course and racing, to the meals,  to the patience to hang with racers at the start (my start was 10:45 and I know that was a longgg morning for Brendan, Drew and Scott to put up with me until I finally got in the water), helping with putting wetsuits on, carrying stuff , making sure the sun block is ready to go, checking out your bike to make sure it is ready to move fast – and CHEERING like mad –  being calm and positive no matter what the circumstances.    I can’t say enough –  mark your calendar – and join TCH for one of the most unique special triathlon experiences on the planet.”

-Judy Rose; Seattle, Washington

Scott ripping up the long course at Wildflower 2013.

Scott ripping up the long course at Wildflower 2013.

If you have even considered Wildflower triathlon or if it is already on your bucket list I highly suggest joining us for the 2014 edition.  Space is limited and the cost is $1750/person.  Please email if you have any questions.  Click here to learn more or reserve your spot.  The Racers’ Roost Wildflower.

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